About us

The Mobile Video Surveillance Experts

Streamax is an AI powered mobile surveillance and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles. We believe that it is our mission to create a safer, and more efficient modern traffic experience from persisting technological innovation. Founded in 2002, 17 years of professional experience and prolonging dedication had enabled us to grow into an internationally flourished business with an integrated service network that consists of R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support. We currently have over 1700 employees, 3 R&D centers, 11 subsidiaries, numerous offices worldwide and are working hard on further localizing our business and services. We’ve maintained steady and sustainable growth in sales revenue each year. Thus have been reported to hold 2nd place in global market share, and is one of the few national standard establishments within our field.

Our solutions mainly focus on safety management and operational management for commercial vehicles in various industries, such as taxis, buses, dump trucks, transportation trucks and more. Backed by our scenario-based AI application technologies, we were able to develop smart solutions that combine back end equipment and cloud management platforms to target core industrial problems, such as public safety, dangerous driving habits, operational violations and dynamic dispatch adjustments. Our active safety systems, ADAS, DSM and BSD, developed based on deep learning and machine vision technologies, is proven by the market to effectively prevent severe accidents caused by bad driving habits and lack of sights. We believe that with our persistent strive to deliver better experience for our clients and users, we would continue to take lead in technology innovation and generate more positive influence for the society.

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