Safety Is Our 1st Priority

Implementing latest AI technologies to increase safety factor on road,

maintain high security standards and improve efficiency and productivity for commercial vehicles

Built for Mobility

Hard disk vibration-absorption technology, Vehicle power supply technology, Heat dissipation, water-proof and explosion-proof technology, Miniaturization technology

AI Powered Features

Road sensing, Vehicle Sensing, Pedestrian sensing, Face monitoring &tracking, key point location and identity verification, Gesture recognition

High Quality Video Surveillance 

Video capture technology under complex mobile conditions, Multi-channel HD. decoding & encoding technology, File storage system technology, Video transmission technology

Embedded  Technology 

Embedded Linux technology, Embedded Android technology, Large-scale video cloud-platform technology

Years of experience
Professional employee
Installation worldwide
R&D Engineers

Latest Activities

Launch the green taxi in KSA

in January 2020, the minister of transport Mr. saleh Al-jaser officially launch the green taxi that equipped with complete Streamax solution at King Khalid International airport

the solution support customized features like (high enf taxi meter with built-in automatic navigation system, cabin camera with panic button for passenger and driver, instant translation service, customer experience station... watch the launching event and news report

2019 Annual Partners Gathering

Streamax annual partners gathering 2019, took place in Dubai the Address Dubai mall, Streamax top management presented the company strategy for the coming 3 years, in the same time our key partners show case the experience they had with Streamax solution in different verticals: Taxi, School Bus, Money transfer vehicles, Police Patrols... (check the full story)

Dec 12, 2019
25+ conferences
200+ attendees

Soon, activate Cashless payment in Abu Dhabi Taxi

Following our commitment to the community and to support our partners against COVID-19, Streamax supports DoT/ITC in activating cashless payment option in the fleet of Abu Dhabi taxi, a QR code integration have been done with ITC back-end to support the scan-to-pay feature using Abu Dhabi taxi smart application.

the official launch planned for May 2020.

What we do...

School Bus Solution

School transportation is major activity in all cities, considering the value of the load, Streamax designed special solution to ensure smooth and efficient operation during peak ours and provide high standard of student safety on board.

- 360 degree surrounding live view, driver and students full view

- Routes management and pickup stations with automatic destination boards

- RFID system with passenger counting features

- Built-in "Student Safety System" to ensure no student left behind, with motion sensor

-  Automatic Stop arm violation capturing (up to 5 lanes)

- Student face ID with built-in temperature scanning

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Complete Taxi Solution

High enf Taxi meter MDT (OIML certified) with automatic 3D navigation system, RFID driver login, driver behavior module, fully integrated with digital and analog roof light, seat sensors, Passenger experience 10" LCD touch screen (live translation, Ads, map search...), vandal proof system with automatic operation suspension module, QR contact-less payment.

Coach and Public Bus Solution

The fast jump in public transportation vehicles like city buss and coaches requires high standard of ITS system on board, station announcement  and passenger flow data is key parts in provide better passenger experience.

The safety is also major concerns for such big transportation vehicles, that's why Streamax designed a special AI powered modules to monitor the driver behavior behind the wheel,  sense the risks in the surroundings and warn driver, detect humans in driver's blind spots...

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Emergency Vehicles Solution

The delay caused by impeding an emergency vehicles can cost lives sometimes, that's why in Streamax we developed special low enforcement system that can automatically detect and issue fines to vehicle that delay or not giving a way to Police, ambulance and fire truck.

Cash-in-Transit solution

Money on-board require high security standards, that's what Streamax offer for cash vans and high valuable goods transportation industry, 360 degree video recording and streaming, two way VoIP communication, three level of staff identification (driver, co-Pilot, security guard), with smart vehicle deactivation system if not all the team on-board, high resolution day and night view with 25m night vision feature.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Dump Truck & Waste Management

when such trucks drive through the city and on road, high risks will be there in term of road safety and environment protection, focusing on the driver behavior and the operation process of these trucks, with powerful back-end to control these operations, Streamax offer AI technology to manage and control waste management industry.

Meet the Middle East Team

Company team

Samer Alish, Regional Director

Leading a team of professionals, Samer is the driving force behind MENA branch. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the project technical design and implementation, marketing and the Customer Experience strategies.

Company team

Felix, Taxi Solution Expert

Felix is a technical support engineer with rich experience in taxi solutions, focus on video surveillance and taxi meter projects, he is key person in the implementation of Abu Dhabi taxi project and Saudi taxi project 

Company team

Nicole, School Bus Solution Expert

Nicole is one of the iconic person in Streamax who can say she loves what she does. school bus solution is one of her most experience verticals, She plays important role in the success of STS school bus project and SAPTCO School bus project in KSA.

Company team

George, Technical Support Engineer

George is dynamic engineer that focus on offer fast and professional technical support to our customers in middle east, when it come to online support, the detail is important, that's why he is always do his best to transfer the knowledge to the customer with full detail. 

Company team

Bonnie, Orders and shipment specialist

She is the one who looks for the small details for any order, to make sure smooth shipping, delivery and custom clearance process, following the requirements of certifications, test reports and shipment documents, Bonnie is the person who make sure you received your goods on time.

Company team

Elshat, Junior Technical Support 

Elshat joined MENA team in 2020, with strong and active study course during university.

Company team

Angus, Junior Technical Support 

Full of power, dynamic personality and have great passion to learn.

2'500'000+ vehicles run Streamax products around the world.

Join us and make your fleet runs better, safer and under your full control.

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